Welcome to the portfolio site of Marisa Pfautz. Marisa could technically be called a Graphic Designer, but this oft-used title doesn't quite cover her dynamic and multi-faceted work. By combining her formal education and natural inclination towards the fine arts and illustration, with a recent additional degree in Web Design/Interactive Media, Marisa has found a way to blend fine art sensibilities with cutting edge technology. The Result? Strong, clean, unique identities for her clients and their businesses.

With more than 8 years experience in designing for both small businesses and large corporations, along with a past life in television media, Marisa has developed the necessary expertise for tailoring her work to fit individual client's needs. She values one-on-one client interaction and relationships in order to fully understand each client's vision for growth.

If you would like to experience the unique blend of creativity and professional skills that Marisa can bring to your brand, she can be reached by email, phone, the contact form at the end of this site, IM, Facebook, carrier pigeon, smoke signal, morse code, etc.